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主办单位 天津市华轮展览有限公司 天津市轮创科技发展有限公司
承办单位 天津市轮创科技发展有限公司

天津市轮创科技发展有限公司 简介


Tianjin Lunchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, which registered the capital of 20 million RMB and the total staff of which is 30. The main business includes: exhibition services, exhibition facilities technology, graphic design, conference services, advertising business and so on.
Our company is one of the organizers of China North International Bicycle & E-bike Exhibition, which has been successfully held for 19 times since 2001. China North International Bicycle & E-bike Exhibition enjoys a high reputation in the industry, attracting 300,000 visitors each year,has entered the world - renowned industry exhibition ranks.


天津市华轮展览有限公司 简介

天津市华轮展览有限公司,自2003年公司成立以来,已在天津成功的主承办了十九届中国北方国际自行车电动车展览会和多届其他展会。 在办展的整个运作过程中,公司从市场调研、展会立项,营销手段、观众组织、会议安排等方方面面的工作内容,到与展馆、运输、搭建、宾馆、餐饮等众多相关单位的洽谈与磨合中,既总结发扬多年办展之成功经验,又借鉴当今国际展览业新理念,围绕“一切以展商为中心”的宗旨,尤其强调对参展企业和专业观众的服务项目和服务质量,使展会的各类服务方便周到,迅速高效,办展规模逐步走在世界同行业展览会的前列。在华轮展览公司全体同仁的共同努力下,秉承天津自行车产业注重创新和务实的优良传统,中国北方国际自行车电动车展览会逐步形成了“交流交易火爆”、“产业文化厚重”和“创新带动作用突出”等鲜明特色,吸引了海内外广大客商的热情参与和高度评价,成为推动国内自行车、电动自行车产业健康发展的强大助推器。

Tianjin Hualun Exhibition Company was founded in 2003 and has successfully hosted 19 China North International Bicycle and Electric Bike Exhibitions and many other exhibitions in Tianjin. Our company accumulated rich experiences from years of operating exhibition process including conducting market research, initiating exhibition projects, establishing marketing channels, organizing audiences, arranging conference and many other related industry experiences. We have a long standing working relationship with transportation companies, construction companies, hotels, restaurants and many other related businesses, which helps us get things done perfectly and efficiently. We carry our experiences of hosting many successful exhibitions and also learn from the international exhibition industry new concepts. Our services are centered on the exhibition participants’ needs since we deeply believe that providing high quality services to exhibition participants and professional audiences, react quickly to their needs and solve their concerns efficiently is the essence of the business, which would help us to get into the forefront of the world's exhibition industry. The North China International Bicycle and Electric Bike Exhibition has gradually formed distinct features of "exchange and trade boom", "strong industrial culture" and "innovation-driven role" with the effort of all employees at Hua Wheel Exhibition Company, adhering to the fine tradition of Tianjin bicycle industry focusing on innovation and pragmatism. The exhibition has attracted enthusiastic participation and received good reviews from both domestic and foreign merchants. This event has become a powerful booster to promote the healthy development of the domestic bicycle and electric bicycle industry.